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writinglover12 asked: Desktop icons: how do you do this?

So sorry for the late reply:

Making this public, this is a How To: change desktop icons for Mac….. refer to my post (Daft Icons):


Since I upgraded to Mavericks on my mac it’s much harder to change icons and well this video is quick and easy:



Okay so I use to have more of these desktop icons but I reset my laptop and everything was erased, I only found these!







These can easily be placed over icons like I’ve done here with Boba for my Google Chrome!


It’s really easy to do, I’ve done it with my Mac Lapotop and it works on Windows as well, so shoot me a message if you’d like these or need help!! ^-^

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I’ve seen everyone in the daft fandom reblogging Metallic nails and wanting them, well…. I went through my box of nail supplies and I found a set I’ve never used and decide to let these bad boys go to a lucky follower ^-^”


ENDS: APRIL 3rd!!!!

That’s really it ^-^ You don’t have to be following me but you can if you wish to.
Runner up: receives little Fimo nail deco’s, if that’s cool? So yeah.

Reblog if you’d like these nails.

*tip* these nails come with little tape strips and I strongly advise to just go to your local drugstore and get you some nail glue!

Happy bloggin’ (♡ᵉ̷͈ัॢωᵉ̷͈ัॢ )‧₊°♡

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Gust of Wind simple download if you can’t wait and afford

Copy URL from youtube:


Paste youtube URL to website:


and download to your pc THIS WORKS FOR ANY SONG YOU”D LIKE ( I do not condone this method if you feel guilty but it’s a good tool when you don’t have money for iTunes) ^-^”

Pyramid angles, in and out //∆\

Okay so here’s a topic I’d like to discuss.

A few days ago I had a decision with DOmy*, he made me realize something fantastic about daft punk!

This goes into disliking an album of your favorite artists, in this instance, daft punk~

Yes there were many people out there who thought HAA was one of their worst albums out, BUT YOU KNOW WHAT DAFT PUNK DID?

They said fuck your shit, let’s mix this shit in ALIVE and fuck the shit out of your ears with it… in a musical way of course. They included nearly every song from HAA and said let’s try this one more time~

So this gives me hope because I honestly can’t get into the groove of RAM and maybe they’ll be willing to fuck the shit out of my ears (in a musical way) with mixing it or something. I mean it can go many different ways, maybe it won’t be ALIVE kinda of a show but maybe they’ll have a live orchestra for some of their songs or a choir or some shit but all in all I know daft punk will wow me one way or another, hopefully SOON!!