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we-caree asked: hi there if you're dealing with suicidal thoughts, depression, self harm, friendship, relationship or family problems, eating disorders, bullying or anything else you may want to talk about or if you just want a friend my goal is to help people if you want to talk my ask is always open and I'll do my best to help anon or not xx

Thank you so much, I have my days of sadness but I’m slowly getting by, I just want to post this because I just flipped through your blog and it’s really beautiful how you’re helping ;m; 
If anyone is looking for someone to talk to or wish to let out, well here’s a really good blog <3



help me get an apartment


so basically my girlfriend and i desperately need a place to live to get away from our terrible abusive families and apartments in boston arent exactly cheap so im turning to tumblr to help out

please guys im broke and i need some money…

Reblogging, I live in Boston and went through the same shit last year. Everything here is expensive for sure.