♡Hello, I'm Vomi, welcome♡

I’ll never understand how people see their pets as just animals and nothing more. This right here is the best companion I could ever ask for, we may not speak the same language but love is universal, these creatures feel just like you and I. There is no reason good enough on this earth to justify treating them any less as you would another living creature. I love him to no end and although I annoy him, he always seems to come around for cuddles when I’m ill or feeling down. That is what you call a best friend, lady’s and gents ^-^” 

petition to bring back the glorious pyramid~ //∆\

Da funk back 2 the pink* c’mon~ 🌷❤️

Ok so I’m hoping I passed the drug test I took this morning, I’m going to a pharmacist p. soon~


Da funk back 2 the pink* c’mon~ 🌷❤️

"I want to be
by you.
I want you
to think about kissing
as much as I
think about
— Alena M.   (via bl-ossomed)