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Any new anime recommendations?!

Police looking for woman missing from King William District





i don’t know if i have any followers in san antonio, but this is a missing friend of my friend loveandjen, who’s been missing for about a week now.

if any of y’all live in or around san antonio, please be on lookout and please signal boost this; her loved ones just want her home.

I’ll clarify. She had mosaic shoes, black and white polka dot skirt and a green tube top on. She’s 28. She has a tattoo of a traditional style female attached to a record player on her left and and below it a shoe with haircutter tools in it. She has a Friday the 13th knife tattoo on her right hand in between her thumb and index finger.
Please repost!

bianca has been missing for nearly a month now.

please, please spread this.

Thank you for all the share, I appreciate this!

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"You get depressed because you know that you’re not what you should be.”
— Marilyn Manson (via herzmasochismus)

I’ll never understand how people see their pets as just animals and nothing more. This right here is the best companion I could ever ask for, we may not speak the same language but love is universal, these creatures feel just like you and I. There is no reason good enough on this earth to justify treating them any less as you would another living creature. I love him to no end and although I annoy him, he always seems to come around for cuddles when I’m ill or feeling down. That is what you call a best friend, lady’s and gents ^-^” 

petition to bring back the glorious pyramid~ //∆\